Viking Sky is currently docked in Molde. 

The majority of our guests have disembarked or are in the process of leaving the vessel and are travelling back to their homes. We will continue to follow up with them to ensure their needs are covered.

We have already begun our own internal investigation and our goal is to establish a complete and thorough understanding of what happened, and we welcome the investigations that have been launched, and will fully support them.

“The past few days have been stressful and hectic for both guests and crew alike. I would like to personally apologise for what our guests experienced. I would also like to say how impressed and grateful I am for the efforts of the national rescue services, rescue personnel, local authorities and the people along the Møre coast, and thank them for the concern and generosity they have shown our guests. I would also like to express my thanks to the crew on board the Viking Sky for their efforts and dedication”, says Torstein Hagen. 

The cruise line has said that it will not provide any further comments until the investigations have been completed.

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