This week we take a look at small ships for adults. Weighing in at 30,277 tonnes, the Azamara Quest is a floating ‘boutique’ hotel, offering exceptional service along with amenities you’d only expect to find on much bigger ships.
Guests will find tastefully decorated cabins, complete with luxurious European bedding and 24-hour room service. Suite guests also enjoy complimentary butler service onboard.
Amenities, include a casino, piano bar, fitness centre, showroom, specialist restaurants and the distinctive Astral Spa.
With a total passenger capacity of 690, and a crew size of 408, the Azamara Quest is the perfect ship for those seeking an intimate atmosphere, and excellent for making good friends onboard.
Between now and August 2019 the ship is undertaking Alaska cruises. From mid-August she will hear for Asia. For those who need disabled cabins, we advise you to book early, as this ship only have 7 accessible cabins.

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