AIDA Cruises celebrated the inauguration of the first school in Cebu, Philippines, built with donations from the AIDA Cruise & Help initiative. The Cruise Lines President Felix Eichhorn cut the ribbon in front of the building and opened the newly built classrooms for around 40 children. 

Commenting, he said: “As a cruise company, we want to share our success and help to improve living conditions in poor countries. Our goal is to enable as many children and young people as possible to attend school and thus improve their prospects for the future.”

AIDA Cruise & Help will be the umbrella for all future charitable projects of the cruise company. The projects will focus particularly on the sustainable improvement of future prospects for children and young people in threshold and developing countries as well as on social and cultural projects both regionally and internationally.

Various charity events aboard the AIDA fleet and ashore, AIDA Cruises has enabled the cruise line to collect over 200,000 euros within just a few month. Regular campaigns in favor of AIDA Cruise & Help aboard and ashore will follow.

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