MSC Cruises has announced today that in the 2020/2021 cruise season the Company will bring two ships to South Africa’s shores. This will mark the first time that two different classes of MSC Cruises’ ships will be deployed in South Africa, MSC Opera (Lirica Class) and MSC Musica (Musica Class).

From December 2020 MSC Opera will homeport in Cape Town, joining MSC Musica – which will be based in Durban as of November.

MSC Musica and MSC Opera, which was completely refurbished in 2014 as part of the Company’s Renaissance Programme, will together offer over 60 cruises next season. The two ships will serve alternate routes, providing South African and international cruisers with a wider choice of cruise options to suit their needs.

Guests wishing to explore South Africa by cruise already in the 2019/2020 season can book onto MSC Orchestra. She will make her maiden voyage there this November, offering three-, four-, five- and 11-night sailings out of Durban and around the South African coastline until April 2020. See  for further information and bookings.

Commenting, Ross Volk, MD for MSC Cruises South Africa, said: “The deployment for the first time of two classes of MSC Cruises ship to South Africa for the local 2020/2021 cruise season will allow us to meet more fully the growth in demand we have experienced over the past few years. As such, it is also as a further sign of MSC Cruises’ long-standing commitment to this key market and its tourism.”

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