As the travel industry starts to gear up for the return of cruise ships from next week, a survey of 6500 consumers has revealed the must-haves they are looking for in order to help them feel safe and secure onboard.

When asked what health and safety measures they’d want to see in place when cruising restarts, the three most popular answers were:

* Proof of Covid-19 vaccination (88.44%)

* Health screening at embarkation (87.58%)

* Modern air conditioning to filter out viruses (86.28%)

On the other hand, the restaurant buffet, a mainstay on most ships, remains popular, with fewer than half of the cruisers questioned (45.39%) wanting to see table service only. A similar number (46.03%) called for compulsory face masks.

Overall, almost 90% said they have booked or are likely to book a cruise again.

Commenting, Tony Andrews of, said: “Cruisers have spoken and, understandably, tangible health and wellbeing measures are the priority as they anticipate stepping back onboard again. The good news is, we know cruise lines are actively putting these in place, so the additional levels of reassurance passengers want to see are being prepared for.

“Interestingly, some of the more traditional features of a cruise, such as the restaurant buffet, remain comparatively popular and will be missed by many loyal passengers if they are removed.”

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